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P 173 Breeze Demichippendale

The embodiment of elegance and refined taste

Another member of PETROF’s Style Collection is the Breeze Demichippendale - a grand piano whose artistic design appeals to all the senses. The heart is moved by Its rich and romantic tone, while the eye is gratified by its elegant lines. The Breeze Demichippendale fits best in interiors of the same style, which will be enhanced by its white, black, walnut or mahogany finish. We can, however, make it in any finish.

  • Width - 1525 mm | 5'

  • Length - 1730 mm | 5'8"

  • Height - 1025 mm | 40 3/8"

  • Weight - 320 kg | 705 lb


Mahogany, high polish (3281)

Walnut, high polish (2251)

White, high polish (0001)

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