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P 173 Breeze Klasic

Does honor to its name

The design of this instrument derives from the Breeze model in the Standard Series. It is, however, a smaller piano concealing within itself a splendid, rich, and surprisingly powerful tone. In designing the Breeze Klasik we took inspiration from the Classical period. The influence of this style is most noticeable in the legs and the decorated music stand, where you can see the masterly work of our carver.

  • Width - 1525 mm | 5'

  • Length - 1730 mm |5'8"

  • Height - 1025 mm | 40 3/8"

  • Weight - 320 kg | 705 lb


Black, high polish (0801)

Mahogany, high polish (3281)

Walnut, high polish (2251)

White, high polish (0001)

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