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Forbes - Picture and sound. We present you the most colorful upright piano from Petrof

Written by Zuzana Krajickova

Photo by Michael Tomas

What brings greater pleasure than the joy of a work of art? Enjoyment of two works of art! Exactly such a connection was achieved in the case of a new unique upright piano from the Petrof workshop, into which the artist brothers Maxim and Karel Havlíček imprinted their image. It costs a million, its Czech premiere takes place in Forbes and it is the most colorful upright piano from Petrof.

The melodic tones of the piano can be heard through the hall hidden in one of the snowy courtyards of Prague's Holešovice district. After a while, its creator, multi-instrumentalist and composer Karel Havlíček, raises his head from the keyboard and looks at Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová.

"It has a beautiful sound, it came home safely," she says and the owner of the Czech manufacturer of grand and upright pianos Petrof nods her head happily.

"Only the day before yesterday it returned from Singapore, where it presented itself at the Czech stand at the FIND – Design Fair Asia, and the boat trip back to the Czech Republic took it so long that we were almost afraid for it," he adds.

The instrument the two are talking about is a new upright piano from Petrof called Gemini. This year it has already managed to see the world and now its Czech premiere awaits it.

The third participant in today's musical soirée is Charles's twin brother Maxim Havlíček, a painter known under the artistic name MAXIM. He is also the third parent of the upright piano, from which he created a world rarity by painting his work on an originally black instrument.

The three met for the first time two years ago, and even then a creative spark jumped between them. The brothers, living alternately between the United States and the Czech Republic, wanted to prepare something special for Petrof, and so the germ of the idea that gave rise to Petrof Gemini was born.

At first, the owner of Petrof was not sure if "their worlds would intersect", eventually the vision of the Havlíček brothers won her over. "Many of our clients love not only music, but they are also interested in fine arts, they are collectors, so the idea made sense to us," he says.

Today, in Kabelovna Studios in Holešovice, a new recording studio and creative space for artists created by Karel Havlíček and where Maxim Havlíček also has a gallery, stands the first result of their mutual cooperation. And its creators, after returning from their first trip to Asia, are slowly preparing another world tour for him.

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