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Up to 80% of production operations is carried out by hand. Without experienced master pianomakers, intoners and tuners PETROF pianos would scarcely be what they are - they could hardly have achieved such international renown, nor boast their characteristic romantic sound which is appreciated by music lovers the world over.

 Every instrument leaving the gates of our factory represents those who took part in its making. As the instrument makes its way through the production process, every craftsman in turn makes sure that he has devoted the greatest care to his task. The result after 9 months is a masterpiece, whose birth certificate displays the names of all its makers, one that reflects more than 150 years of experience, love of music and the honourable trade of the Petrof family.


PETROF collaborates closely with a number of specialist institutions, particularly universities and research establishments. Among these are

  • The Faculty of Forestry, Zvolen Technical University 

  • Prague Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

  • SUPŠ Musical Instruments & Furniture, Hradec Králové  

  • Mendel University, Brno

  • VÚTS Liberec

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