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PETROF Grand pianos


PETROF’s acoustic instruments stir the hearts of music lovers with their typically romantic, rounded and gentle tone. The company’s reputation has spread all over the world and we are proud to be able to continue the family tradition of piano building begun in 1864 by Antonín Petrof, the company founder. Our portfolio is very wide and has gained an array of patents including the declaration of quality construction materials and their European origin - the European Excellence Seal (EEX).

PETROF grand pianos represent the experience of renowned master pianomakers, whose manual work makes up 80% of the manufacturing

process. Their hands create instruments of world-class quality as well unique models in a diversity of artistic styles, in exact accordance with our customers’ wishes. 

Master Series

P 284 Mistral

Perfection without compromise

We present to you our masterpiece, the flagship of the PETROF brand - the Mistral concert grand. Measuring 2,840 mm in length it is our largest piano, and is beloved of musicians the world over chiefly for its tremendous bass and resonant treble. Artists find in it a trusty companion when performing the most demanding works; it also has a highly presentable appearance and possesses the soft, romantic tone so characteristic of all PETROF grand pianos.

The Professional's Dream Come True

The Monsoon grand boasts a refined, balanced sound, which is best suited to large music halls and recording studios. It has a characteristic romantic tone, and allows musicians complete scope for the expression of their feelings with its faultless action and speed of response. This is an instrument built by the best and most experienced masters of their craft. It represents the optimal balance between size and performance and makes for an impressive addition to a prestigious hotel or any other formal space.


Standard Series


Pride in Every Tone

PETROF’s best-selling grand piano and the darling of musical exhibitions - this is the masterly P210 Pasat grand. Its dimensions allow its sound to stand out even in the smallest spaces: chamber music salons, studios and in the home. Anywhere you choose it will conjure up the atmosphere of the most famous concert halls. The list of its successes fills us with parental pride. We shall feel honored if you too fall in love with its romantic, clear and singing tone.

Arouses a storm

of emotions

The Storm is true to its name, being the piano with the greatest sound potential of the whole Standard Series. It imprints a deep emotional experience within the pianist, and in the hearts of the listeners, that often cannot be put into words. The uniqueness of the moment will strike you as soon as you hear the first sounds coming from this the largest piano in the Standard Series. Its versatility builds bridges across musical genres. It is popular with a demanding clientele and colleges of music, as well as for musical performances at smaller halls and functions.


Romantic spirit

The Breeze has gentle and romantic caress. Its effortless touch renders it all the more inspiring and personal. If you let it, it will reach into the innermost recesses of your soul. With its kind assistance you will dare to venture where previously you might have been afraid even to look. Its perfect proportions make it an enhancement to any stylish household or educational institution.

The little big

grand piano

Its size is the only thing that makes the Bora a small instrument. As soon as the hammers hit the strings, you will discover its wonderful, rich and surprisingly powerful sound. Once again we have put the very best materials, technology and design features of concert instruments into its construction. Its potential greatly transcends its actual size. Professional players favor it for practice purposes and domestic use.




A nobleman with a romantic soul

The Breeze Rococo boasts the romantic, unmistakable tone so characteristic of all PETROF grands. It is distinguished from the other instruments by its appearance. We build it in the Rococo style - finished in white and decorated with patinaed elements, ensuring the Breeze Rococo a place in home interiors of similar style. It can also stand out as a special feature in modern interiors.

Enriches the world of music and art

The Breeze Chippendale has distinctively formed curves, making it ideal for stylishly furnished interiors. This piano immediately draws attention not just because of its beautiful appearance, but also its characteristic singing tone, which stirs the hearts of every music lover. We make it with a white, walnut and mahogany, or high-gloss black finish, among others, depending on the customer’s wishes.


The embodiment of elegance and

refined taste

Another member of PETROF’s Style Collection is the Breeze Demichippendale - a grand piano whose artistic design appeals to all the senses. The heart is moved by Its rich and romantic tone, while the eye is gratified by its elegant lines. The Breeze Demichippendale fits best in interiors of the same style, which will be enhanced by its white, black, walnut or mahogany finish. We can, however, make it in any finish.

Special Collection

Does honor to its name

The design of this instrument derives from the Breeze model in the Standard Series. It is, however, a smaller piano concealing within itself a splendid, rich, and surprisingly powerful tone. In designing the Breeze Klasic we took inspiration from the Classical period. The influence of this style is most noticeable in the legs and the decorated music stand, where you can see the masterly work of our carver.


Perfection adorned

with pearls

The artistic musical instrument P194 Sabina is our smallest concert grand and has an unusual and original design: we have adorned it with exotic pearls from the New Zealand Paua. These can be seen mainly on the external edges of the legs, the lyre and the PEROF inscription on the piano lid. Its original design, however, in no way detracts from its outstanding sound quality. It possesses a refined, lyrical tone so popular among musicians the world over.

A one-off jubilee model

It has become a tradition for PETROF to mark every tenth anniversary with the production of an original grand piano. For the 140th anniversary of PETROF’s founding we built the PETROF III, Jubilee Model Opus no. 595000, an exceptional and unique grand piano. We equipped it with a magnetically accelerated action, which improved its dynamic qualities while reducing the weight of the individual components. This top-class musical instrument is distinguished by its original and extremely high quality design work.


The only one of its kind in the world

When the idea of producing a fully functional concrete piano was born, it was clear to everyone that it was a big challenge. The main parts are made of a specially developed concrete mixture by Gravelli which is reinforced with tiny glass fibers. Steel has been chosen as the most suitable material for the base, matching concrete perfectly. It is a modern material concept of a classical piano, which is designed especially for the admirers of minimalism and contemporary architecture.

Unique minimalist masterpiece

The Stingray grand piano is made especially for the occasion of the 155th anniversary of the PETROF company. Its dominant design motif is the decoration of its specially shaped legs with inlaid pieces of colored leather from the stingray. Stingray skin will paralyze your senses. It is an incredibly hard and durable material, but fine at the same time. Its appearance resembles small beads that were embedded next to each other by nature itself. The diamond on the ray’s back is unique, just like the fingerprints of the master who is responsible for building of this instrument. 


Elegance adorned with butterflies

Atelier Mitani, in cooperation with PETROF, has created a unique instrument that combines Japanese craftsmanship and music, precision and piano construction from the Czech Republic. With the use of the traditional Japanese technique of maki-e, the piano is decorated with butterfly motives. One of these is the national butterfly of Japan called Japanese Emperor. When changing the incident light, butterflies look alive. The grass is represented by a cut of golden slices, along with the inserted mother-of-pearl pieces.


A grand piano to a design by Peter Kršák

The P210 grand piano as designed by the Slovak director Peter Kršák is an example of customized art production fulfilling the personal wishes of a very demanding customer. The client stipulated both the internal and external design, and our master craftsmen drew inspiration for its construction and its sound parameters from the P210 Pasat. The result is a high-class and original piano which was no sooner installed in Mr. Kršák’s Bratislava residence than several well-known Slovak pianists took pleasure in playing it.


Tonal dynamics imprinted in wood

The Baroko grand presents a characteristic supplement to a baroque-style interior. Every professional performer is charmed by its captivating appearance, but most of all by its gentle and rounded tone. This unique, specially designed instrument is tuned to perfection, exactly as pianists and their listeners would expect.

A true musical treasure

The Rokoko Gold also possesses the characteristic rounded and romantic tone of PETROF instruments. What makes it unique, however, is its use of Baroque design, ivory color and gilded decorative features, making the Rokoko Gold ideal for Baroque-style interiors. We used gold plate for the decoration of the piano.


A partner in society

While developing and building new prototypes we created a piano with a bar-style seating arrangement. It is perfect for music clubs, where it adds to the pleasant atmosphere. As with our other pianos the Pianobar has a characteristic tonal coloring. We have supplemented the piano with the PianoDisc, providing us with a unique set.

The magnum opus of the joiner’s art

Following the requests of a customer we set about developing this prototype. While building it we discovered that we could apply the technique of marquetry to a very high standard. The technique of marquetry is the acme of the joiner’s art, which we now possess, enabling us to produce almost any design by using various veneers and coloring.

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