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Give Me My Name Competition Winner Announced!

The Petrof Give Me My Name piano competition was a contest organized by the Petrof piano company, which was looking for a name for its new concert upright piano.

The competition was open to anyone who can suggest a name that is easy to pronounce and internationally understood. The name should reflect the power and color of the sound of the piano, as well as the space it creates for the musicians’ self-expression.

The winner received a Petrof P 125 M model piano for themselves and another one for the art school of their choice.

Last week in Thisted, Denmark, we handed over the prize of two upright pianos to the winner of the "Give me my name" competition.

The winner was the name FLOW, which was first sent to us by 18-year-old student Jacob Hamborg. He received one upright piano for himself and donated the other to his school - Thisted Gymnasium STX & HF.

In addition to 550 spectators, the ceremony was attended by the Czech pianist and PETROF Art Family member Matyáš Novák - Pianist and the Danish pianist Emil Gryesten Jensen - pianist, who both played several pieces.

The event took place with the participation of the consul of the Czech Embassy in Copenhagen, Jonáš Vnouček.

The piano was handed over to Jacob by Adam Prousek, who is the representative of the 6th generation of the Petrof family and the company's business development director.

Congratulations to Jacob and Thisted Gymnasium and we wish them many happy moments with their new upright pianos!


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