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Petrof Tour

6th Generation Owner, Anna Petrof to tour United States.

Petrof customers and the general public will have the opportunity to meet the newly appointed CEO of Petrof, Anna Petrof. Who will be taking the helm of a company established by her ancestors in 1864 in the Czech Republic. Petrof Pianos are hand built instruments that have a long tradition of careful and excellent workmanship and represent the Central European sound. Anna will be taking over the helm from her mother Suzana Petrof, who was pivotal in getting Petrof Pianos on its feet after many years of communist reign. Today Petrof is one of the finest makers of handmade instruments from Europe and is one of the largest piano manufactures that is still family owned.

This tour will bring Petrof to two Hollywood Piano stores in California on Thursday, August 25th 2022 & two Cunningham Piano Company Stores in Pennsylvania & New Jersey on Saturday, 27th 2022.


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